Ashland School Of Dance

Offering Ballet, Jazz, Tap & Zumba Classes
Ages 3 to Adult


    Monday, Nov. 23 - Sunday, Nov. 29
    Wednesday, Dec.23 - Friday, Jan. 1

      Saturday, December 5 4:30 pm 

               Saturday, January 2 

   Friday, April 22 & Saturday, April 23
 Friday, April 29 & Saturday, April 30

All dancers and parents are invited to join us in the Christmas parade here in Ashland on Saturday, December 5 at 4:30 pm. If you have a dancer ages 3-6, we ask that a parent joins them in the parade. We ask that everyone joining us wears red, white and/or green. We have elf hats, candy cane head bands and skirts for those that are dancing. We’ll send out an email to everyone as soon as we know when & where we’ll be meeting before the parade on Saturday, December 5. We usually find out exactly where we meet for the parade a day or two before the parade so be sure to watch for an email with that information. Remember to dress warm and don’t forget your gloves or mittens! Dancers will need to be picked up after the parade on Stuntz Avenue on the block between Main Street and Third Street or near the corner of Stuntz Avenue and Main St W. DANCERS CAN NOT LEAVE TO GO FIND THEIR PARENTS!!


Cameron Cunningham is a former student of ASOD and is currently dancing with Colorado Mesa University's Dance program, taking Injury Prevention and Modern Classes. She is excited to offer a Modern Technique & Choreography Workshop to share what she has learned in her college classes with our students at ASOD. The workshop will be held on Saturday, January 2nd with age 7-10 dancers from 9:00-11:00 and age 11 & up dancers from 12:00 - 3:00. The workshop will include: Modern warm ups and exercises that help build strength and technique, across the floor combinations, improvisation exercises that would help with choreography and learning a combination. Cost for dancers ages 7-10 is $10.00 and $15.00 for dancers ages 11 & up. Registration forms are available for pick up at the dance studio or you may email ( to request a registration form. Completed registration forms and payment are due back to ASOD no later than Tuesday, December 22.
           DANCE SHOES 
          ARE REQUIRED
Dancers must wear dance shoes while in dance class!! No exceptions!! If your dancer is in a ballet/tap class they MUST have ballet & tap shoes; if your dancer is in a jazz/tap class they MUST have jazz & tap shoes!! Please make sure you dancer has the necessary shoes!!

           CLASS STARTS

Parents: When you are dropping your dancer off for dance class, PLEASE DO NOT DROP THEM OFF AND LEAVE BEFORE CLASS START!! All dancers through Level II should have a parent present with them in the waiting room until class starts! And please remind your dancers there should be no running around and yelling or using loud voices while waiting for class to start. Thank you in advance for your help!!

Cost of the recital costumes for each class are as follows: Creative Movement/Pre-Ballet $45; Pre-Ballet/Tiny Tap $45; Level I Combo $50; Zumba I $50; Level II Ballet/Jazz $55; Zumba II $50; Int Tap $55; Level III Combo $60; Zumba III $60; Adv Tap $55; Jr Company Class $60; Sr Company (2 costumes) $120.00. All recital costumes have been ordered! As costumes arrive we will ask dancers to try them on just to make sure they fit. ALL COSTUMES MUST REMAIN AT THE DANCE STUDIO TILL WE ARE ABLE TO GET THEM STEAMED.

         & SWEATSHIRTS

New ASOD dance shirts have been ordered! Orders will be available for pick up before the Christmas break in December.

Solo/Duet dancers should be working on their recital dances – they will need to show Desi a completed portion of their dance the week of December 7. Your dance doesn't need to be completely done but you should have a portion of it done. Please call or email if you would like to use the studio to practice.  

There will be no dance classes on Wednesday, December 23 through Friday, January 1. We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday! Classes will resume on Sunday, January 3.

January invoices will be emailed to everyone. They’ll include your regular monthly rate and the semester rate if you are interested in paying for the remaining classes (Jan through April) by Friday, January 8th.
If you are paying for your dance tuition monthly, watch your email for your monthly payment reminders. If you didn’t receive any email, please send us your email so we have your email on file. 

We want to stress the importance of attendance to dance class. In our policy handout it states “Any student who misses 8 or more classes during the season will not be allowed to participate in the spring dance recital performance.” Dancers only progress if they attend class on a regular basis. If your dancer hasn’t started learning their choreography for the recital dances they will be starting in the next week or so. If your dancer is going to miss 2 or more weeks in a row due to other commitments, you can expect that while they’re missing class the rest of the class is learning parts to their recital dance so your dancer may be excluded from a portion of the recital dance. It is not fair to the instructors or the other dancers in the class, if instructors can’t move forward each week with teaching their recital dances. 

We are already planning for the spring dance recital on Friday, April 22; Saturday, April 23; Friday, April 29 & Saturday, April 30, 2016. The costume search is complete. In order to receive the costumes before March picture days and the April recital, we measure all dancers in November and place costume orders the first week December. This way you won’t have to make the full costume payment the week before Christmas. All costumes need to be paid in full before we order them. More information on the recital and costumes is included in the Recital Handbook. A copy of the Recital Handbook can be found on our website or you may pick up your copy of the Recital Handbook at the studio. We will keep everyone updated on the recital through our website, emails and monthly newsletters. And your final costume payment is due November 13th.


When dancers for the Pre-Ballet/Tiny Tap and Level 1 classes come to class please make sure that both sets of their shoes have their names in them and please make sure their shoes are in a bag when they come to class each week. This will help lessen the confusion of whose shoes are whose since most dancers have the same shoes.

Dance shoes are mandatory when attending dance class. If dancers don't have dance shoes, they may be purchased through the dance studio. Please remember to put your dancers name in their dance shoes!! If you ordered dance shoes on one of our registration nights, the shoes will be available for pick up at your first dance class. If you still need to order shoes, please bring your dancer to class early so they can get fitted. All shoes need to be paid for when orders are placed.

Parents are welcome to wait in the waiting room at the dance studio while their dancer is at class but we ask you to make sure siblings aren't running in and out of the dance room while classes are scheduled. This is a distraction to the dancers and the instructors. Also, if you bring a snack up to the studio please be sure to clean up after yourself and your kids so there isn't food or trash left behind. Thanks in advance for your help! 
Throughout the dance season, please be sure to read the monthly newsletters. They always have lots of important information. All newsletters will be emailed to everyone who put an email address on their registration form. Please email us ( if you didn't receive a copy of this month's newsletter by email. Extra newsletters are always available in our waiting area at the dance studio. All of the information is posted here on our website too. You can also find us on facebook. 

In order to do a solo or duet in our Spring Dance Recital dancers must be taking either the Jr or Sr Company class. If you have a dancer that would someday like to do a solo/duet in the Spring Dance Recital, you should encourage your dancer to take the ballet/jazz classes. With the appropriate amount of time and class experience dancers  will move from Level I Ballet/Jazz to Level II Ballet/Jazz to Level III Ballet/Jazz to Jr Company.

              LOST & FOUND
When you pick up your dancer after class each week, please be sure to make sure they have all their shoes.

              CLEAN STUDIO
For those of you that bring a snack to the studio, please take a moment to clean up any mess before you leave. Please help up keep the studio area clean.

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If you have dances shoes that are too small and you would like to give them away or sell them, put them in a zip lock bag with your name & price and leave them in the white bins at the studio.



Please contact us by phone or email.
Telephone: 715-292-3567
Mailing Address: 1310 Vaughn Avenue Ashland, WI 54806
Studio Address: 511 1/2 W Main Street Ashland, WI 54806
           (Studio is only open during class time)

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