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​Tuesday, September 7


Sunday, September 12 - Thursday, September 30


Sunday, October 3 - Thursday, October 21


Thursday, October 21


Sunday, October 17

​Sunday, October 31


Thursday, April 28

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Saturday, April 30



A complete copy of the fall dance schedule may be found on the "2021 Fall Schedule" tab or "Fall Schedule" button listed here. Fall classes start in Sept and end in April with a Spring Recital Performance. All classes (except for Jr Co and Sr Co) are 1 day a week starting Tuesday, September 7. Both Jr Co and Sr Co are held 2 days a week (Sunday & Wednesday).  If you’d like to register your dancer for a fall dance class, you must include the first month’s tuition with your completed registration form. Please email ( to check space availability in a particular class; some classes are already full.  

Fall dance classes begin Tuesday, September 7! All dance classes will be held at the dance studio with is located at 319 11th Ave East, Ashland. Be sure your dancer wears comfortable clothing, brings a water bottle and dance shoes to class each week!

If your dancer ordered dances shoes at one of our shoe fitting days, they will be available for pick up at their first dance class. If you still need to order shoes, your dancer can get fitted for shoes at their first class. Please come to class a few minutes early if your dancer needs to get fitted for shoes. All shoes need to be paid for when orders are placed. Dance shoes are mandatory when attending dance class. We’ll be placing our final shoe order on Thursday, September 16. Please be sure to write your dancer’s name or initials in their dance shoes!! 

This fall we will offer two fundraisers – our first fundraiser will be with Benoit Cheese. The fundraiser is scheduled to start on Sunday, September 12 with all orders and payments due back to ASOD no later than Thursday, Sept 30. Cheese orders will be available for pick up on Thursday, October 21, exact time to be determined.

The second fundraiser will be selling pizza certificates from Hugo’s Pizza. This fundraiser will begin Sunday, October 3 and run through Thursday, October 21. Pizza certificates will be available for pick up at your dancer’s class the end of November.

Payment for both fundraisers is due at the time of the sale. Checks should be made payable to Ashland School of Dance or ASOD. Please remember both fundraisers are optional and all the money your dancer earns on their fundraiser(s) is put towards their recital costume and then class tuition. (FYI – in the past there has been dancers that have paid for their recital costume and a couple months or even a semester of classes.) If you don’t participate in either fundraiser, your costume deposit of $30.00 is due by Thursday, October 7.

Since our studio doesn’t have an actual waiting room for parents and siblings, we do ask that all parents and other family members stay behind the mirrors when dance classes start. We have found that dancers perform better when they aren’t being watched by everyone in the waiting room. If you have a dancer that is waiting for their class to start, we also ask them to wait to enter the dance floor until the prior class has ended. Once kids enter the dance room, we ask that kids DO NOT RUN AROUND while waiting for class to start. Thanks in advance for your help! 

Throughout the dance season, please be sure to check your emails regularly and read the monthly newsletters. Our main form of communication is email. The monthly newsletters always have lots of important information. All newsletters are emailed to everyone who provided an email address on their registration form. Please email us ( if you didn't receive a copy of the newsletter by email. Extra newsletters are always available at the studio. All of the information is also available here on our website too. ( You can also find ASOD on Facebook.


Please note the current “no class dates” listed here at the top of our website's home page. A complete list of "no class dates" may be found on the schedule tab. Please note: ASOD doesn’t follow the school schedule; sometimes we have class when there is no school and vice versa.

Our dance instructors and assistants will attend the Showstopper Dance Convention in Wisconsin Dells on October 16th & 17th. This convention is open to all dancers ages 6 and up. Check out their website for complete details ( It’s a great experience for all dancers! Parents would be responsible for providing transportation to and from the convention for their dancer.

For dancers who are interested: Competitions are open to all dancers who are interested in doing a solo, duet or trio at a competition. ASOD’s Sr Co dancers plan to attend competitions held in the Duluth and one in the Minneapolis area; ASOD’s Jr Co dancers plan to attend a competition in Duluth. The minimum age for a dancer to compete is 6 years old. Competitions do involve extra costs that include: private lessons and competition fees.  If you have a dancer that is interested in competing, please contact ASOD.

The following age requirements are required for fall dance classes:
Creative Movement dancers must by 3 by September 1
PreBallet/Tiny Tap & PreJazz/Funk dancers must be 5 by September 1
Level I dancers must be  7 years old by September 1
After dancers reach Level I they are moved up to the next level by the instructors.
Instructors evaluate dancer’s skill & ability levels, their behavior and attitude in class, listening skills, maturity levels, respect for others (dancers & instructors), how well they work together as a team, their attendance...and many other things determine if they are ready to move up to the next level. As parents it’s natural to think that our dancer is ready to advance to the next level but we have to remember we aren’t the ones in the class each and every week. . . . . so we need to leave this up to our instructors. Please let us know if you have any questions on which class(es) your dancer may sign up.

Dance shoes are mandatory when attending dance class. Please be sure to write your dancer’s name or initials in their dance shoes! Dancers are expected to have the appropriate dance shoes for their dance class. Wearing must dance shoes during class is a must! No exceptions!! Below is the list showing what each class needs for dance shoes. If your dancer’s shoes are too small, you can order new shoes through the dance studio. Please let your instructor know if your dancer needs to get fitted for new shoes. ​

Creative Movement – Pink Ballet shoes
Pre-Ballet/Tiny Tap – Pink Ballet & Black Tap shoes
All Ballet/Jazz classes - Pink Ballet & Black Jazz shoes
​Jazz/Tap - Black Jazz & Black Tap shoes

Poms - Black Jazz shoes

Musical Theater - Black Jazz shoes 
Tap Classes (Level III & Co Tap) – Black Tap shoes
Jazz/Funk classes – Black Jazz shoes
Jr & Sr Company – Nude Lyrical shoes & Black Jazz shoes

​All Jr Co and Sr Co dancers are invited to do a solo or duet dance in the Spring Dance recital. There will be a sign-up sheet at the dance studio. The deadline to sign up for a solo or duet is Thursday, Sept 23. More details will follow in a separate email to all Jr Co and Sr Co dancers.

In order to do a solo or duet in our Spring Dance Recital, dancers must be taking either a Jr or Sr Company class or Co Tap. For those dancers interested in doing a solo/duet in the 2022 Spring Dance Recital, it's never too early to start picking out your music!! If you have a dancer that would someday like to do a solo/duet in the Spring Dance Recital, you should encourage your dancer to take the ballet/jazz or jazz/funk classes. With the appropriate amount of time and class experience, dancers will move from Level I to Level II to Level III to Jr Company.

Remember to send a water bottle with your dancer to each and every class!!

Over the dance season, the instructors evaluate the dancers in their classes to decide who is ready to advance to the next level. All Creative Movement and PreBallet/Tiny Tap dancers advance to the next level depending on their age. Dancers must be 5 by September 1 to advance to the PreBallet/Tiny Tap class. Dancers must be 7 years old by September 1 to advance to Level I Ballet/Jazz; Level I Jazz/Tap and/or Level I Jazz/Funk. After dancers reach Level I they are moved up to the next level by the instructors. Instructors evaluate dancer’s skill & ability levels, their behavior in class, listening skills, maturity levels, respect for others (dancers & instructors), how well they work together as a team, their attendance...many things are taken into consideration when determining if dancers are ready to move up to the next level. As parents it’s natural to think that our dancer is ready to advance to the next level but we have to remember we aren’t the ones in the class each and every week. . . . . so we’ll leave this up to our instructors.

If you have a Creative Movement, PreBallet, Level I or Level II dancer please stay at the studio with your dancer until class starts. Dancers shouldn’t be arriving more than 15 minutes prior to class starting. And please remind your dancers there should be no running around and yelling or using loud voices while waiting for class to start. Also, when your dancer’s class ends each week we would like parents to come into the building to pick up their dancer (this is required for all dancers through Level 2).​

Ashland City Police does enforce no parking on the east side of the street by the studio on 11th Ave East! PLEASE BE SURE YOU ONLY PARK ON THE STUDIO SIDE OF THE STREET. 

We want to stress the importance of attendance to dance class. In our policy handout it states “Any student who misses 8 or more classes during the season will not be allowed to participate in the spring dance recital performance.”  Dancers only progress if they attend class on a regular basis. Most classes have started to learn their choreography for the recital dances. If your dancer is going to miss 2 or more weeks in a row due to other commitments, you can expect that while they’re missing class the rest of the class is learning parts to their recital dance so your dancer may be excluded from a portion of the recital dance. It is not fair to the instructors or the other dancers in the class, if instructors can’t move forward each week with teaching their recital dances.


If you're paying for your dance tuition monthly, you will receive an email showing the amount that is due on the beginning of each month for your child's dance class. If you didn't receive an email, please send us your email so we have your email on file. REMEMBER all dance payments MUST be given to the dance instructors or dropped off at 1316 Main St West, Ashland or sent thru the Venmo app (@asod5678).

When dancers for the Pre-Ballet/Tiny Tap and Level 1 classes come to class please make sure that both sets of their shoes have their names in them and please make sure their shoes are in a bag when they come to class each week. This will help lessen the confusion of whose shoes are whose since most dancers have the same shoes.

When you pick up your dancer after class each week, please be sure to make sure they have all their shoes.


For those of you that bring a snack to the studio, please take a moment to clean up any mess before you leave. Please help up keep the studio area clean.

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Please contact us by phone or email.
Telephone: 715-413-1074
Mailing Address: 1316 Main St West Ashland, WI 54806
Studio Address: 319 11th Ave East Ashland, WI 54806 (Bohemian Hall)