Tegan is a freshman at Ashland High School. She began dancing at the age of 3 and is beginning her 12th year of dance this fall. She has studied ballet, jazz and tap. This year she will be taking Sr Company, Adv Tap and Sr Co Jazz/Funk. Tegan has three other siblings that dance so she has lots of experience teaching and sharing her moves with others. This was her 3rd year as an assistant for ASOD.  Tegan will teach the PreBallet/Tiny Tap class on Sundays with Lily and she will assist Anessa with the Level II Jazz/Funk class on Mondays.

Bailey is a 6th grader at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School in Ashland. She has been dancing since she was 7 years old.  This is her first year as an assistant and she is beyond excited to be teaching. Bailey will be taking Level III Ballet/Jazz, Level III Jazz/Funk and Int Tap classes this year. She will assist Isabel with the Level I Ballet/Tap class on Wednesdays.  

Lily is a 8th grader at the Ashland Middle School. This will be Lily's 5th year of teaching. She's been dancing since the age of 3.  This year she will be taking Jr Company, Adv Tap and Sr Co Jazz/Funk. She will teach the PreBallet/Tiny Tap on Sundays with Tegan; and she will assist Anessa with the Creative Movement, PreBallet/Tiny Tap and PreJazz/Funk classes on Mondays.  

Kayla is a 7th grader at the Ashland Middle School. This will be Kayla's 4rd year of teaching. She's been dancing since the age of 3. This year she will be taking Sr Company and Sr Co Jazz/Funk. Kayla will assist Isabel with the Creative Movement and Level I Ballet/Jazz on Wednesdays. 


Ally started her dance journey with Just For Kicks at age 7 where she studied high kick and jazz. In 2008 Ally joined Sterling Silver Studio and studied jazz and lyrical. She was also part of their competition team. After graduating in 2012 Ally attended The University of Wisconsin Superior and became a part or their cheerleading team. After a year without dance she decided to also join their dance team, where she helped choreograph and started to help with coaching. Through that experience Ally learned she had a love not only for the sport of dance but for creating them as well. Ally also has practiced hip-hop, pom, zumba, belly dancing, and ballet.  Ally is a Medical Assistant for Twin Ports Dermatology. This fall Ally will teach the Jr Company & Sr Company on Sundays & Tuesdays classes; Level II Ballet & Jazz and Level III Ballet & Jazz classes on Tuesdays.  

2018 - 2019 INSRUCTORS


Isabel is 17 years old and is a Junior at Ashland High School.  She has been dancing for Ashland School of Dance from the very beginning and has taught/assisted for 5 years. This year she will be taking Sr Company, Adv Tap and Sr Co Jazz/Funk.  Isabel really enjoys teaching and loves to see her students progress and move forward. This fall Isabel will teach the  Creative Movement, Level I Ballet/Jazz and Level I/ Ballet/Tap on Wednesdays.

Molly is a freshman at the Ashland High School. She started dancing at the age of three, and has been dancing ever since. This will be her 3rd year as an assistant. This year she will be taking Jr Company and Jr Co Jazz/Funk. Over the past 12 years she has taken Ballet, Jazz, Zumba, Tap, and Jazz/Funk. She is very honored to be teaching at Ashland School of Dance and she really enjoys assisting young kids with dance! Molly will assist Anessa with the Creative Movement and Level I Jazz/Funk classes on Thursdays.

Anessa started dancing at the age of 3 at Sterling Silver Studio in Superior WI. She was ten years old when she switched to Dance Escape in Duluth, MN. Anessa than went on to be part of the Superior High School dance team. While on the team Anessa was captain her junior and senior year. After graduating Anessa went on to college at Iowa Central College where she danced her freshman and sophomore year and was also captain of the team. Throughout the years, Anessa has participated in many styles of dances such as Baton, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip-hop, and Ballet. She has also won awards at local competitions and was called back to be in a Kelle Costume Catalog. Anessa also participated in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and has competed in the National Dance competition in Daytona Beach Florida with her college dance team. Anessa is an Occupational Assistant assistant at Ecumen Lakeshore in Duluth. This fall she will teach on Mondays and Thursdays which include al the Jazz/Funk  classes and the Creative Movement & Preballet/Tiny Tap class on Mondays and the Creative Movement class on Thursdays.  


Hannah started dancing at the age of 3. She is a student at UMD. This fall she will teach the Int and Adv Tap classes.