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Any Health or Physical Restrictions ASOD needs to be aware of?

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 Class Name___________________ Day­s___________ Time____________
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 I (we) have read and understand the ASOD 2018 Dance Season Program information and studio policies. I understand that participation in this dance program is voluntary and strenuous, and verify that I and/or my child are physically fit to participate. I waive and release Ashland School of Dance, Instructors, their heirs and their assigns from any and all rights and claims for injuries suffered or medical expenses which may occur as a result in the participation in this dance program.

Parent/Guardian Signature_______________________Date__________

                                                               PHOTOGRAPHY RELEASE
I hereby grant absolute right and permission to the Ashland School of Dance to use photographic portraits of my child for illustration, promotion, or advertising purposes. I have read and agree to the above statement.   ____Yes   ____No

Make checks payable to: Ashland School of Dance
All questions regarding tuition and registration should be directed to and registration form sent to: ASOD  1316 Main St West Ashland, WI 54806   715-413-1074